Joanna Gaines shares how she revealed fifth pregnancy to her kids

Joanna Gaines shares how she revealed fifth pregnancy to her kids
Joanna Gaines shares how she revealed fifth pregnancy to her kids

Design maven and “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines does everything with style, making it no surprise that she revealed her fifth pregnancy to her four kids in an adorable way. On April 29, the Waco, Texas mom divulged just how she told Drake, 13, Ella Rose, 11, Duke, 9 and Emmy Kay, 8, that they had a new little brother on the way.

"I had all these onesies out that [said] ‘big brother’ and ‘big sister’ and I made them turn around and look at it. And it took them all a second to figure out what the heck it was about," she told Country Living. 

Gaines, who recorded the scene on video, said her youngsters then “lost it.”


"They were so excited, and I think that’s what makes me the most excited — that they’re celebrating with us,” Gaines said.

She added that this reveal was different than the rest because she and husband Chip shared the big news with their children the same day that they found out she was expecting.

"Typically we'd say, hey let’s wait a couple of weeks before we say anything, but we told them that day. Out of anybody, we were most excited to tell the kids. Now that they’re older, they get it and understand,” the 40-year-old added.

“Every day they ask how many more days until the baby comes. So that’s been the most exciting thing — watching how excited they are."


Describing this pregnancy as “a brand new thing,” as it’s been eight years since she had her last baby, Gaines further shared that she’s in no way rushing the baby’s arrival.

"I don’t even want to think about delivery. I don’t want to remember it. I think we all block that out,” she quipped. “For me, it’s just hunkering down and spending as much time at home as I can.”


Fortunately for the HGTV celebrity, when her little bundle of joy does arrive sometime this summer she’ll have four helpful sets of hands on deck to help out.

“For us, the end of this final season marks the beginning of a new one. If you would have told me that I’d end this season of the show pregnant with our fifth baby, I would’ve laughed. Like the entire Fixer Upper opportunity as a whole, life has a way of surprising us,” Gaines mused in an April blog post about the conclusion of the family’s hit renovation show.

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