Fake bomb and 'boom' note found in box on Paignton path

Fake bomb and 'boom' note found in box on Paignton path
Fake bomb and 'boom' note found in box on Paignton path
Image copyright Kingsbridge Police
Image caption The fake bomb had wires and tape around the cylinders and a pocket watch

A plastic box containing a fake bomb and a note with "boom" written on it was found on a public footpath.

Six plastic cylinders were discovered taped together in the container, along with a ticking pocket watch, in Paignton, Devon, on Monday afternoon.

A member of the public called 999 and police removed the box and destroyed its contents.

Officers suspect it was linked to Geocaching, a game where players track down clues and hunt for hidden boxes.

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Kingsbridge Police were sent to the footpath between Longmead Road and Dolphin Court Road because officers in Paignton were dealing with other incidents.

A small notebook was found inside the box containing names and dates that people had visited it.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption There are more than 2.7 million caches around the world

People on social media said the box was "in poor taste" and that police "have enough to deal with without time wasting pranks".

Devon and Cornwall Police removed the plastic box from the area and destroyed it.

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