The Papers: Lampard stalker case and Visa 'chaos'

The Papers: Lampard stalker case and Visa 'chaos'
The Papers: Lampard stalker case and Visa 'chaos'

Newspaper headlines: Lampard stalker case and Visa 'chaos'

By BBC News Staff

  • 1 June 2018

Image caption "I'm planning the words on your gravestone" is the rather chilling headline on the front of the Daily Mirror as it reports details of a stalking case in which TV presenter Christine Lampard gave evidence of being targeted over a three-year period. The man accused of sending that threat in a tweet is now facing a jail sentence as he admitted the charge, albeit disputing some of the details.
Image caption Mrs Lampard's stalking case also features on the front page of the Daily Telegraph but the paper leads on a report that supermarkets could be banned from selling sweets and chocolate next to checkouts as part of government plans to tackle obesity. The paper also focuses on what it calls the "chaos" caused by Visa's payment network disruption, which left many unable to use their cards.
Image caption The same "chaos" is the subject of the front page headline on the Daily Express. It says "millions of Britons" were left unable to use their credit and debit cards on Friday. Again, Christine Lampard is the main front page picture as the paper highlights her court statement that she had been left "scared to go out".
Image caption Visa's problems lead the front page of the Guardian. The paper also says new light has been shed on the "worst art crime in history" - the 1969 theft of Caravaggio's Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence.
Image caption Real-life heroics from TV star Benedict Cumberbatch are highlighted on the front page of the Sun. The Sherlock Holmes actor reportedly jumped out of a car to come to the aid of a cyclist who was being attacked by four muggers. The paper's headline has some fun combining the words "sheer luck" and "Sherlock".
Image caption The Daily Mail leads on the criticism of cosmetics chain Lush over its shop window displays that drew attention to the so-called UK "spy cops" scandal. The Advertising Standards Authority received more than 30 complaints about the campaign, which says it is highlighting "the ongoing undercover policing scandal, where officers have infiltrated the lives, homes and beds of activists".
Image caption A "world trade war" has started, according to the i Weekend. The paper says the UK's motor industry fears it will be a target for sanctions from the US and President Donald Trump.
Image caption Mobile phone apps available on the Google Play Store are being used by men to spy on their partners, according to the Times. The paper says tracking apps can be bought online before being installed on people's phones without them knowing.
Image caption The Financial Times Weekend says those in the UK earning more than £150,000 paid £54.3bn in the last tax year, a 9% rise on the previous 12 months. The paper also notes that financial markets in Spain and Italy have stabilised after both countries appointed new leaders.
Image caption The front page of the Daily Star features an interview with two of the contestants on the upcoming series of Love Island. Continuing its TV theme, the paper also says "Gogglebox star" George Gilbey has been found guilty of assaulting a former girlfriend.

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